[council] Collection of factual information for GNSO review

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Wed Aug 3 02:35:22 UTC 2005

Hello All,

Here is some factual information to collect as well:

- what is the cost for a member to join a each constituency, i.e.
membership dues

- what is the cost for a member to actively participate in each
(e.g is there an expectation to attend physical meetings, make phone
calls (sometimes expensive for members in developing countries), or
purely contribute via email or web bloggs)

- what languages of participation are supported by a particular

- are the discussions amongst members of a constituency open or closed
(or perhaps a mixture of the two - if there is a mixture - what is the
criteria or process for closed discussions?)

- How representative of a particular community is a constituency?  Does
it comprise mainly of individual members/companies, or is it itself
comprised of representation associations (e.g associations of ISPs,
business chambers of commerce, internet user societies, computing
societies etc).

- How do members of a constituency participate in policy development?
If there is a significant proportion of members from representative
associations - how do some of the more active associations manage
participation from their individual members?

- how does a constituency form a formal position on a particular topic
(e.g is it through a formal voting process (if so, what is that process
- quorum requirements, etc), or is it via posting a document for comment
and in the absence of dissenting views the document is accepted as the
policy position of that constituency)?

- how long does it take on average to develop a formal position within
each constituency?   (e.g it may take time to hold phone conferences,
formal votes etc).
How do these timeframes compare with the timeframes in the PDP timelines
in the current bylaws?


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