[council] Some initial thoughts on GNSO review

Thomas Keller tom at schlund.de
Thu Aug 4 08:19:19 UTC 2005

All good questions Bruce. One more that comes to my mind is whether it
would be a good idea to align the bylaws and voting procedures of the
constituencies to make the policy process more predictable in terms
of timing.



Am 03.08.2005 schrieb Bruce Tonkin:
> Hello All,
> Some of the questions I have in terms of the GNSO constituency structure
> are:
> - should some constituencies merge to form larger constituencies with
> more participation?
> - should there be additional constituencies to cover viewpoints that are
> not currently being addressed  
> (e.g application developers - such as browsers, email that are affected
> by GNSO decisions)?
> - how should companies that have a variety of interests engage with the
> GNSO structure?
> (e.g Melbourne IT is a registrar, provides other Internet services, is a
> business user of the Internet, is concerned about protection of its
> intellectual property, and provides services to assist corporates to
> protect their online brands - thus it could conceivably join 3 of the
> constituencies.    There are staff (and divisions of staff) at Melbourne
> IT that would have different interests, and thus may want to become
> involved in constituencies that match their interest.)
> Regards,
> Bruce Tonkin



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