[council] Feedback on Open Joint Sessions in Cairo

Gomes, Chuck cgomes at verisign.com
Tue Nov 11 23:10:03 UTC 2008

I wonder if we should take the initiate to develop a proposal for an
improved format for Mexico City?  


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	I wanted to provide some feedback on the open joint sessions.
	Positive points
	- it happened
	- it addressed genuine cross SO/AC issues
	Negative points
	- many issues were ill suited to a single SO/AC view and so the
chair was unable to provide input
	- the event was a bit lack lustre because of this overly strong
focus on the chairs
	- I did not agree with the populist proposal to have every SO
under the sun here just because they exist. The event was intended to
foster understanding on joint issues not be a platform for every SO/AC.
	Imagine a large empty room with one large round table with the
full leadership of each organisation sitting ie the GNSO Council, CC
council, the ALAC, the GAC leadership etc. It would be a big table -
maybe three tiered in the style of UN security council with one lead.
But it would be exciting if THIS group had answered the questions.
Observers would sit around the group in outer circles, interacting as
	PS Glen would you be so kind as to forward this to Patrick
Sharry also ?

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