[council] ICANN Comment periods due soon after Seoul

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Wed Oct 7 14:09:26 UTC 2009

This is quite true and as mentioned, the workload on staff (and 
volunteers who "staff" some of these efforts such as the review 
committees) that only so much can be done to stagger the release  of 
the reports (without arbitrarily holding them for release after the 
meeting - which I am NOT advocating).

But unless there are extreme time pressures, there is little reason 
not to extend the comment period!


At 07/10/2009 07:52 AM, Avri Doria wrote:

>That is, unfortunately the way with deadlines.  Once the deadline for
>docs was made for 2 weeks before the meeting, most all efforts
>scheduled back from that date.

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