[council] Transmittal of Proposed Section 6 and ANNEX to GNSO Operating Procedures

Terry L Davis, P.E. tdavis2 at speakeasy.net
Sat Apr 10 13:58:19 UTC 2010

Olga & WPM-Drafting Team Members


Very well written document!  The process seems simple and straightforward in
the reading.


My only comment would be that the initial 10 calendar days for Councilors to
do the initial project rating may be a bit short given that all of us wear
many hats and most of us travel quite extensively.  10 "business days" or 15
"calendar days" would allow just a bit more time for us to do this work.


Again team, great work.


Take care



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To:  GNSO Council

From:  Work Prioritization Model Drafting Team (WPM-DT)


Dear Councilors:

Since being organized by the GNSO Council at the Seoul ICANN meeting (Nov
2009), the WPM-DT has been working diligently over the past five months to
scope out and complete a set of activities leading to a proposed methodology
for prioritizing the GNSO's work.  As its primary deliverable, the team has
drafted a document
(http://gnso.icann.org/drafts/wpmg-section-6-and-annex-09apr10-en.pdf) and
recommends that it be approved for inclusion in the GNSO Operating
Procedures as Chapter 6 along with its accompanying ANNEX.  The procedure
contains three main sections:  Purpose (6.1), Scope (6.2), and Methodology
(6.3) followed by an ANNEX, which includes detailed steps/procedures that
may be amended as the Council gains experience with the approach.   

The DT's goals in developing the methodology were to ensure that the

a.	is user-friendly, unambiguous, and straightforward to execute; 
b.	produces realistic outputs that will help the Council to make
effective management decisions; and
c.	is structured as an on-going task that accommodates change including
the introduction of new projects as they are proposed in the future.

The DT believes that prioritization is an important first step of the
Council's broader project management role, which should be further defined
and will require appropriate tools to assist in the active and effective
management of the workload.  To facilitate these managerial
responsibilities, the DT recommends that: 

1)      a process be developed to allow timely tracking of GNSO projects on
an on-going basis; and 

2)      its process be supported with a web-based software toolkit (e.g.
excellent open source applications are available) that will assign Staff and
Community resources to projects/tasks and offer time/milestone tracking plus
advanced collaboration capabilities allowing work to be managed efficiently,
effectively, and transparently.  

The DT remains available to assist the Council in the implementation of
these new Work Prioritization procedures and to work with any other team(s)
on scoping out the program/project management disciplines that will become
central in the Council's role as manager of the policy development process. 

Olga Cavalli
Chair, WPM-DT
9 April 2010




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