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rosemary.sinclair at atug.org.au rosemary.sinclair at atug.org.au
Wed Oct 27 23:24:21 UTC 2010

Hi Ken

I have looked at the process map - it's complexity led me to a simple "fail-safe" procedure;

Advise absence to Secretariat and SG which then indicates the proxy.

At the moment my admin focus is on finalisation of the NCSG Charter

My policy focus is on 'operationalising' ICANN's commitment to consumers
thru structure, strategy and decision processes

If there's time in Colombia - let's catch up



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Subject: [council] RE: Absence from Council



I have been apprised that there are no motions scheduled for this Thursday’s
GNSO Council meeting; therefore, there is no need to implement any voting
remedies such as proxy.   


Rather than attempt to write out the procedures, may I ask that you take a
look at a visual map that Staff prepared which diagrams how the voting
remedies work for various conditions such as absence or abstention.   The
procedures map is located at:
http://gnso.icann.org/council/visual-procedures-map-en.htm and contains
sample language for the various emails that might be created under different


Staff has a standing offer available to any SG/C that would like to have a
briefing or tutorial on the voting remedies procedures.  


Thank you,


Ken Bour


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Hi Rosemary,


Thank you for your notification.


Please find the link to the Absentee Advice and Proxy Procedures below:



Thank you.

Kind regards,





Glen de Saint Géry

GNSO Secretariat

gnso.secretariat at gnso.icann.org

 <http://gnso.icann.org> http://gnso.icann.org


Forwarded From: Rosemary Sinclair 


Hi Glen


I have to go to NZ on Friday – so will be on plane while Council meeting is


Would you remind me of the Absentee Advice and Proxy Procedures please?






Rosemary Sinclair

Managing Director, ATUG

Chairman, INTUG


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