[council] Adrian's gameplan

Andrei Kolesnikov andrei at cctld.ru
Sat Jun 18 05:11:57 UTC 2011

I think adding "set and bind to the timelines" would be beneficial.  Or
there will be always a workaround for "endless discussion".  




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As I discussed in the Working Session today.


The four issues based on this discussion (as I see them);


-          Stephane speaking directly to the Board

-          Katim's email and the issues of the JAS WG

o   Processes within the Council

-          The future of Cross Community Working Groups

o   Publishing of reports etc

-          The optics of the GNSO Council and the promotion of its internal
processes and representation

o   Multi stakeholder make up

o   Differing views/ differing 


It would be best, I think, to try and get some deliverables and courses of
action in order to promote resolution.


Adrian Kinderis


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