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1.        I would like for the candidates to describe what they believe the role is of the GNSO Council chair both from an internal council perspective as well as from the perspective of dealing with external bodies (icann staff, icann board, with other ACs/SOs and with non-icann related bodies (i.e., when being asked to present in his or her role).

2.       What do you view as your role with respect to "neutrality"?  Can you be an effective advocate for your positions (or your groups positions), while at the same time as leading the Council in a neutral manner?

Jeffrey J. Neuman
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for (late) preparation of this session it may be helpful to collect questions in advance. I'm asking you to put candidate questions to the list which could be used by the session leader for a structured Q&A session.

I'll ask the following:

*         How would you prioritize council workload in order to achieve working results in an effective way?
*         How do you see a GNSO (council) role re outreach activities?
*         How do you think the GNSO/council is represented best towards other ICANN bodies?

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