[council] For your review - Final EPDP Report AND Council Motion

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Wed Feb 20 21:29:23 UTC 2019

Hi all,

Following up Marika’s note forwarding the EPDP WG Phase One Final Report, I have attached a slightly updated version of the draft motion for our consideration during tomorrow’s GNSO Council meeting. I happily second this motion put forward by Rafik, and I look forward to our discussion and possible vote tomorrow.

As I have described previously, the motion includes approval of the EPDP WG Phase One Final Report AND Council non-objection to the initiation of Phase 2. Note that a deferral of tomorrow’s vote to 4 March, as requested today by Marie, would delay initiation of Phase 2 by a commensurate period, i.e. 10 days.

Please review the attached motion before tomorrow’s meeting.



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Dear Councilors,

As Rafik is traveling and in the interest of time, we are hereby sending you the EPDP Team’s Final Report. Per a request from last week’s Council meeting, we are attaching two versions of the report: (1) a clean version and (2) a red-lined version, which highlights the changes from the draft final report that was sent last week.

As you review the Final Report, we would like to highlight the main updates made since the last version:

1.      The chair has included the consensus designations in the body of the Report. You may also review the table of consensus designations in Annex E of the Final Report.
2.      The following recommendations have been edited for clarification:

   a.   Recommendation 6 - registrars may allow registered name holders to consent to publish redacted data elements
   b.   Recommendation 7 – the first table has been deleted in order to clarify which data elements are optional for registries to transfer to registrars
   c.   Recommendation 9 – the language was been edited slightly to note that Contractual Compliance may request registration data elements under the Purpose 5 table, but the requests will be narrowly-tailored and fit for purpose
   d.   Recommendation 11 – the Team notes it is expecting additional legal guidance with respect to the city field, and, accordingly, this recommendation may be revisited in Phase 2 of the Team’s work
   e.   Recommendation 12 – the text has been altered to note that publication of the Organization field is a requirement for registrars, not registries. Additionally, registrars must phase into this treatment of the Org field by no later than 29 February 2019.
   f.   Recommendation 14 – a note was added to that PPSAI is currently in implementation and it will be important to understand the interplay b/w this recommendation and the PPSAI IRT’s work. Further work may be considered in Phase 2.
   g.   Recommendation 15 – the data retention period has been changed to 15 months
   h.   Recommendation 17 – text edited for clarity
   i.   Recommendation 18 – the text has been clarified to note that registrars and registries must reasonably consider and accommodate requests for lawful disclosure and reasonable requests for disclosure must be responded to within 30 days

3.      Group statements, the Minority Statement and responses to Consensus calls were submitted during the week prior to the close of deliberations. Issues raised in those submissions regarding Final Report inconsistencies, errors, and vagueness (as well as several substantive amendments) were discussed following receipt of the reports and amendments were made where the group agreed with those requested edits.

Best regards,


Marika Konings

Vice President, Policy Development Support – GNSO, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

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