[GNSO-Accuracy-ST] Notes - ICANN75 Registration Data Accuracy Scoping Team - 17 September 2022

Chantelle Doerksen chantelle.doerksen at icann.org
Wed Sep 28 17:34:59 UTC 2022

Dear RDA Scoping Team Members,


Please find below the notes from the ICANN75 session held on Saturday, 17 September 2022.




Marika, Berry, and Chantelle



Action Items
None, until such time when the GNSO Council has considered the write up for assignments #1 and #2 and approved the related recommendations. 

Olga Cavalli reviewed the agenda and provided a brief explanation of work to date.
Write up for assignments #1 (Enforcement & Reporting) and #2 (Measurement of Accuracy) – high level overview & expected next steps
Olga Cavalli provided a high level overview of the purpose of the write-up. 
Registrar Survey
Review staff support team document
Marika Konings introduced the draft survey that was shared with the Scoping Team for review. She highlighted that the draft survey was based on the questions that the Scoping Team had previously identified and which are included in Annex D to the write up. Furthermore, she noted that a number of questions had been highlighted for Scoping Team review. 
In order to take advantage of the face-to-face time during ICANN75, informal conversations about the registrar survey would take place as part of this meeting, but any formal work would only commence after the GNSO Council’s approval of the Scoping Team’s recommendations included in the write up.
Scoping Team input
Input received from Scoping Team Members:
Group needs to decide if an audit would duplicate efforts of the survey. 
Staff reviewed the draft questions in the registrant survey with the scoping team. Scoping Team members provided input. 
Ask registrars if they can identify which of these cases applies to each registration, and then give you the counts and the substantive information about validation for each of those.
Privacy/Proxy - underlying data does not matter because they are not the registrant. Only the proxy service would need to be verified.
For question five on completion of verification, we need to be more precise. We should clarify if we are looking for a positive outcome on verification or a negative outcome; or if we don't care about verification and just want to know the percentage attempted to be verified either positive or negative.
As the survey is voluntary, we need to make sure the questions stay within scope to ensure participation from registrars. 
Staff: For question five, the group may do more to understand what data is useful to inform conversations. 
If/when the GNSO Council supports moving forward with the Registrar Survey, Scoping Team members are to review the survey and provide input. 
The GNSO Council received the write-ups prior to ICANN75, and will commence its review during the GNSO Council meeting on Wednesday, 21 September. 
The Scoping Team thanked Michael Palage for his service as chair. The GNSO Council will need to identify a new chair as well as a GNSO Council liaison to lead future meetings. 
Confirm next steps and wrap up

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