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Anderson, Marc mcanderson at verisign.com
Thu Sep 6 22:05:15 UTC 2018


On behalf of the RySG I am submitting the following feedback to the revised triage document.

The RySG would like to express our appreciation for the revised version noting that it is improved over the earlier draft and addresses many of the points we raised in our response to that version.  We would like to offer the following comments on this draft.

1.      Section 2 (page 6) lists the Triage report requirements from the charter however the last part is missing and should be included for completeness:  "Deliberations of this first deliverable should include at least one round of elimination of clauses, if appropriate, and a second round of Full Consensus approval of a whole set of clauses."

2.      Section 5 "group comments by section" starting on page 10 (note: the table of contents incorrectly lists page 9) recreates the responses of each group to the triage surveys.  Including the full responses here is probably unnecessary and makes the report much longer than need be.  That data is publicly available on the ePDP’s wiki page.  Links to the ePDP wiki space are provided however they are outdated and need to be updated.

As this triage report is the first deliverable of the working group, the RySG would like to ask what the process will be for delivering/publishing the final version and if it will be represented as having achieved "consensus" of the working group.

Thank you,

Marc Anderson

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Hi Everyone:

Attached is a redline and clean version of the Triage report. There is no need to review this before today’s meeting.

I have taken out all the Issue Summaries in order to simplify the report and amended the high-level themes in line with the comments.

Let me know your thoughts. I plan to send this out this week.


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