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Hi Farzaneh,


Thank you for flagging the numbering issue; it has been fixed below.


We had received some feedback from the group that the administrative matters at the beginning of the meeting were eating into the time for substantive discussion. Accordingly, we are attempting to shorten the time for administrative updates and leave more time for substantive discussion. All members are encouraged to review the slides in advance of the meeting and flag any questions or concerns regarding the listed administrative items.


In terms of the timing allotted for the substantive agenda, the goal, per the project plan, is to tackle two items per meeting. While the allotted timing for the data matrix and Appendix A is not designed to be inflexible (for example, if the group is close to coming to consensus on an issue), the EPDP Leadership Team will try to stick closely to the provided times so that the group does not fall behind on the project plan.


Best regards,


Marika, Berry and Caitlin





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Is agenda 2 only updates and no discussion? Then that's fine and we can do it within 5 minutes.  But then Can't we discuss this on the mailing list and just jump to agenda 3? There looks like a discrepancy in numbering. I see number 3 twice one on matrix and one on introduction to appendix A. I think appendix. A might be agenda 4. May I suggest that we give ample time to review data matrix first and then if there is time move to appendix A? I think last meeting we didn't get enough time to discuss and had to rush through it for appendix C. 


On Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 12:54 AM Caitlin Tubergen <caitlin.tubergen at icann.org> wrote:

Dear All,


Please find below the proposed agenda for Thursday’s EPDP Team meeting.  As a reminder, you can find the action items and their expected delivery date/time here: https://community.icann.org/x/NwSNBQ. 


Best regards,


Marika, Berry and Caitlin




EPDP Meeting #13 Agenda 

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Roll Call & SOI Updates (2 minutes)
Welcome and Updates from EPDP Team Chair (5 minutes)
Reminder to complete GDPR Training Course by Tuesday, 18 September
Reminder of GDPR Q&A session with Becky Burr on Wednesday, 19 September at 13.00 UTC
Other updates, if applicable
Review data matrix formed from RDS work and Thomas’s chart (50 minutes)

Objective of discussion: Charter questions b1 and b2 (collection of data by registrar) to be answered (or considered) in substantive discussion.

High-level overview of chart
Discuss proposed amendments to chart
Note: relevant charter questions: 
·         b1) What data should registrars be required to collect for each of the following contacts: Registrant, Tech, Admin, Billing?

·         b2) What data is collected because it is necessary to deliver the service of fulfilling a domain registration, versus other legitimate purpose as outlined in part (A) above?
Agree on next steps
Introduction to Appendix A (50 minutes)

Objection of discussion: Charter questions f1 - f3 (publication of data by registry/registrar) to be answered (or considered) in substantive discussion; EDPB advice [icann.org] re: collection of full WHOIS data and registration of legal persons to be considered in substantive discussion.

Substantive discussion on §§2 – 4
Note: relevant charter questions: 
·         f1) Should there be any changes made to registrant data that is required to be redacted? If so, what data should be published in a freely accessible directory?

·         f2) Should standardized requirements on registrant contact mechanism be developed? 

·         f3) Under what circumstances should third parties be permitted to contact the registrant, and how should contact be facilitated in those circumstances?
Agree on next steps
Confirm action items and questions for ICANN Org, if any (5 minutes)
Wrap and confirm next meeting to be scheduled for Tuesday 18 September at 13.00 UTC.


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