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Volker, James and all,

Volker - No need to take my input personally, I as just merely pointing out pointing out the financial economic realities and incentives of the Registrar vs Registrant contractual relationship.

James - I just wanted to point out that the focus should be more on the concept of a balance test (e.g. cost vs benefit) and not actually a "conflict of interest".

Jennifer Gore

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while I personally like Jen very much, I find this comment and the implication of a conflict of interest immensely offensive. This insiunuation of intent to profit from illicit use is frankly outrageous.


Am 03.12.2019 um 23:56 schrieb Jennifer Gore:
Hello All,

In my opinion, the Registrar is the worst party to be the decision maker of the data subject due to the blatant conflict of interest. The registrant will have already entered into a legal relationship with the registrar under the registrant (end user) agreement along with it being in the best interests of the registrar to not terminate the relationship with the registrant.  Therefore, I hope Milton is not saying that he will hold up consensus even if the DPAs do support the isolation of centralized decision making within ICANN Org.

Best regards,


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From: King, Brian <Brian.King at markmonitor.com<mailto:Brian.King at markmonitor.com>>
>Are you saying that even if the DPB writes to the Strawberries and says
>“yes, it’s possible to isolate liability for decision-making centrally with
>ICANN Org”, it would still be impossible for us to come to consensus on
>the centralized decision-making model? (ignoring how (un)likely we think
>that response is)

Yes, indeed. That is what I am saying. This is one reason we are not so pleased with all this kerfuffle about the EDPB. You’re putting the cart before the horse.

What matters is not whether it is legally _possible_ for ICANN to magically absorb the legal responsibility of the registrars for releasing the data of their customers; what matters is whether that is _desirable_ from a policy standpoint. Legal advice or “guidance” from the EDPB has no bearing on what is the right policy, it only clarifies whether one of the policy options is feasible.

We want the disclosure decision to be made as close as possible to the party who is directly accountable to the registrant, the data subject, and that’s the registrar. We believe that the legitimate interests of data requestors are served by standardizing the process, and centralizing and facilitating requests, but centralizing disclosure is going to make it into an automated rubber stamp, as I suspect you have already figured out.

Dr. Milton L Mueller
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