[Gnso-epdp-team] Resignation Redux

Mark Svancarek (CELA) marksv at microsoft.com
Fri Feb 22 22:07:48 UTC 2019

The Business Constituency would like to express our deepest appreciation for your support of the EPDP.  As others have already noted, this was mostly uncharted territory for the ICANN community. You and Staff were inventing solutions and putting them into place in rapid succession, with the result that each month’s effort was more effective than what we had tried only weeks before. The lessons we learned here will benefit ICANN policy development for years to come.

In spite of these challenges, you never ceased finding ways to bring us together, to bridge our differences, to help us find ways to move forward even when tempers were frayed and patience was stretched thin. That would be a great accomplishment under any circumstances; in the EPDP, it was absolutely essential.  We will certainly miss you during Phase Two.

Best wishes and we’re looking forward to seeing soon you in Kobe.

Mark, Margie and the Business Constituency

PS: Others have mentioned your good humor, but I’d particularly like to call out your unique style of humor.  I don’t think a week went by without me laughing out loud at some side remark or dry self-deprecation made by you.  Thanks for keeping things light; for me, it made a big difference. /marksv

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Hi Everyone: 

I am sorry that you learned about me resigning my position as EPDP Chair by being copied on the resignation notice. It’s not good form but I thought it better to let my boss know first so that he doesn’t hear it from someone else. 

I am glad to have worked with you - getting to know some of you for the first time and some of you better than I did before this. I will continue to lead and aid the transition of leadership however it is required. I am also happy to chat informally about any topic. 

During the last several months, many of you provided signs of support - small and large, inadvertent and intentional. They were always appreciated and important to me, and never went unnoticed. I also appreciated the criticism that was offered, as it was always constructive. 

To the Support Team, you’ll hear more from me later. 

I’ll see you on the next call or in Kobe. 

Best regards,


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