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Mon Jan 14 12:37:10 UTC 2019

Hi all,

please find below GNSO Chair message the EPDP team.



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From: Drazek, Keith
Date: lun. 14 janv. 2019 à 21:04
Subject: GNSO Chair Message to EPDP WG

Hi Kurt, Rafik and Marika,

Please forward this email to the EPDP WG list.



Dear EPDP WG members,

As you approach your in-person meeting in Toronto next week, I wanted to
take this opportunity to acknowledge the substantial work and sacrifice you
all have made over the last several months, and to encourage your continued
constructive engagement in working towards a consensus policy

As the manager of the GNSO policy development process and this Expedited
PDP, the GNSO Council is keenly aware of the intensity and complexity of
your work and the unique and challenging circumstances imposed by the
Temporary Specification’s May 2019 expiration. Your ongoing work is
unprecedented in ICANN and GNSO policy-making history, and your dedication
and continued contributions are both apparent and very much appreciated.

In acknowledging the deadline imposed by the Temp Spec and the necessary
timelines in your EPDP project plan, I recognize the importance of your
upcoming face-to-face meeting. In observing the work of the EPDP, I’ve
noted how productive the in-person engagements have been, and I am
confident your Toronto meeting will be no different. As you all know, this
session comes at a critical time for your work and the timely delivery of a
consensus policy recommendation to the GNSO Council and ultimately to the
ICANN Board for approval.

In the spirit of our multi-stakeholder, bottom-up, consensus-based
policy-making process, I encourage each of you to take this opportunity to
continue working together collaboratively and collegially in reaching a
timely consensus recommendation. I am confident your work product will be
an example of the ICANN community’s ability and capacity to deliver under
challenging circumstances, and proof of the value of our multi-stakeholder

Thank you all very much for your work and dedication to this critical

With sincere regards,
Keith Drazek
GNSO Chair
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