[Gnso-epdp-team] A perspective on the relative importance of legal vs natural

Steve Crocker steve at shinkuro.com
Thu Apr 22 04:09:53 UTC 2021


Attached is a short note for your consideration in reference to the three
questions under consideration.  The last paragraph of this two page note

The emphasis on determining whether a registrant is a natural person or a
legal person is just one part of the overall data access model.  It makes a
qualitative difference whether or not there is shared confidence in the
forthcoming existence of an effective, efficient and timely differentiated
access system.

No matter where this WG sets the bar regarding distinguishing between legal
and natural persons, it is vital to move forward with differentiated
access.  Further, this WG should say so and its decisions should be in the
context of confidence that differentiated access will be part of the
overall system.

This approach will not obviate the need for distinguishing legal vs natural
persons, but it will relieve us of seeing this distinction as the only
policy issue related to who will have access to which data.


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