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Thanks for this Keith.
Good for me too, this is an accurate reflection of where we are I think.

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Thank you, Keith.

That sounds like a fair and accurate assessment.

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Subject: [Gnso-epdp-team] EPDP P2A Chair Update to GNSO Council

Hi all,

As promised last Thursday, attached are the draft slides I intend to use to update the GNSO Council on Wednesday. As always, thanks to our Staff colleagues for their work to help develop these.

To recap our earlier discussion, my key speaking points/recommendations in support of the slides will be:

  1.  The EPDP Team got off to a slow start around the December/January holiday season, but has made recent progress after repurposing two plenary sessions in support of the legal committee.
  2.  The EPDP P2A legal committee has submitted its questions to Bird & Bird and we are looking forward to timely feedback within the next 2-3 weeks.
  3.  There appears to be a possibility that the EPDP P2A team may reach consensus on guidelines for registrars who choose to differentiate between legal/natural.
  4.  It is premature to determine whether consensus is likely or possible on additional Consensus Policy recommendations related to the legal/natural distinction. We will have a clearer picture following the receipt of pending advice from Bird & Bird.
  5.  The EPDP Team continues to work on the subject of unique email identifiers and more work is needed on the subject of anonymized vs. pseudonymized emails and whether those can be reasonably implemented within a single registrar or across the entire registrar channel.
  6.  The EPDP Team is committed to continuing its work through the current timeline. This would warrant a further update to the GNSO Council at the end of May, which is current target for publication of the Initial Report.
  7.  We will know by the end of May whether consensus is likely. If so, we will continue to produce a Final Report for Council consideration. If not, we will recommend suspension or termination of the EPDP P2A, until such time there is additional information and/or material changes to warrant further consideration and policy development work.

Please let me know if anyone has feedback or concerns.


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