[gtld-tech] gtld-tech URS technical requeriments

John R. Levine johnl at iecc.com
Mon Jul 8 23:54:24 UTC 2013

> Regarding email, the current idea is that the NSs for URS locking provided
> by the URS provider, reply with MX 0 . when queried for the MX of a URS
> locked domain name.

That would help, but since MX 0 . is not formally standardized* there's 
some other stuff that would help more.

If I may ask a meta-question, who's writing on this spec, and who's 
providing technical and security advice?

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* - utterly by coincidence, I resuscitated a 2006 draft about it last week 
to see if the IETF application area wants to do something about it

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