[gtld-tech] "zfa-passwords" vs CZDS

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Mon Feb 17 04:02:54 UTC 2014

In article <19F54F2956911544A32543B8A9BDE0750CA3318D at NICS-EXCH2.sbg.nic.at> you write:
>We're currently looking into submitting our first ICANN reports for the new gTLDs we host. One of the fields in the ICANN reporting data is the
>"zfa-passwords" field, which is supposed to contain the number of active users for the Zone File Access service of the TLD.
>In the light of CZDS, we're assuming that this field can be left set to "0", because there are no direct zone file access users with the individual
>registry (and that ICANN gathers the number of users directly from CZDS).

CDZS allows registries to provide ZFA downloads through CDZS, or
through an API that provides the user a password to download directly
from the registry.  Somewhat to my surprise all the registries appear
to be doing the CDZS route, so at this point none of the new
registries have any passwords.

The volume of ZFA downloads can potentially be pretty big.  By my
estimates, the traffic for ZFA downloads for .COM are roughly the same
as for all of the .COM WHOIS or all of the .COM DNS server traffic.
If any of the new TLDs becomes large, i.e., tens of millions of
domains, and there are a lot of ZFA users, they and ICANN may want to
revisit the distribution plan.

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