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> Em 26 de out de 2015, à(s) 18:58:000, Brian Mountford via gtld-tech <gtld-tech at icann.org> escreveu:
> Hello all. I have some questions about the ICANN policy document, directives 1.5.16 and 2.1. I couldn't find existing answers in the archive of this list, so I thought I would ask. As a general matter, should I also ask my RDAP-only questions here (as opposed to the issues specifically related to ICANN policy)? Or is there another forum for such questions?
> Brian
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> 2.1. Registries offering searchable Whois service (e.g., per exhibit A of their RA) MUST support RDAP search requests for domains and entities. Entities MUST be searchable by name search pattern as defined in RFC7482 section 3.2.3 in order to allow for searches by contact name or address. Boolean search capabilities (AND, OR) MUST be supported, when a RFC defining this capability has been published.
> Domain and entity searches are specifically mentioned, but nameserver searches are not. Does that mean that registries need not support nameserver search? Or was that an oversight?

That's because searchable name servers and registrars are required from all 2012+ registries, not only those who got an extra point for offering "searchable WHOIS" services. 

2.2, 2.3, 2.10 and appendix B deal with name server queries; 2.9 deals with registrar queries. 



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