[gtld-tech] RDAP referral to registrar ?

Pascal Bouchareine pascal at gandi.net
Mon Aug 29 19:16:27 UTC 2016


Francisco already replied to me here - the question was:

Is there going to be a guarantee that one will be able to perform a
domain RDAP lookup up to the registrar RDAP service ?
Section 2.3 of the RDAP operational profile does not seem to enforce a
link to the registrar RDAP server for other cases than thin registries.

>From an automation and information publishing perspective, we think
always having a link to registrar from the registries might be very
convenient. Is there a way to publish this whenever it's available ?

(the use case we're working on was https://github.com/Gandi/dnsknife/bl

Or is this a small enough constraint that can be relaxed later and
doesn't need inclusion in the operational guidelines right now ?

Or maybe I'm just misunderstanding the implementation goals- if so
sorry about that.

Thank you!

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