[gtld-tech] CZDS timeouts / 503 issues?

Viktor Dukhovni ietf-dane at dukhovni.org
Sun Apr 24 18:25:40 UTC 2022

On Sun, Apr 24, 2022 at 04:40:07PM +0100, John McCormac via gtld-tech wrote:

> Is anyone else seeing an increasing number of timeouts waiting for 
> responses, timesouts waiting for authentication, 503s on the CZDS while 
> downloading? It has been happening for a while now with some days having 
> no issues but others, such as today, having a lot.

Yes today, but mostly not otherwise, though I did have to refetch
.NET and .ORG once in the last ~3 weeks.

> Have also noticed a bit of sluggishness in the CZDS while updating or 
> checking requests (this was via a different connection).

Today, even logging into the web UI fails:

    Temporarily not able to retrieve the required data.
    Please contact ICANN support.


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