[gtld-tech] [CZDS] TLDs playing possum

Eduardo Alvarez eduardo.alvarez at icann.org
Thu Mar 9 18:04:36 UTC 2023

Hello Joe,
I have passed your input to our collogues from the Compliance team for them to look into.

--Eduardo A.

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    John Levine wrote:
    >>desi                 2022-11-23T23:49:55Z  57 days, 2:11:00

    This is one is still evading all attempts for me.

    The saga so far:

    2022-09-15 - applied for access after expiry
    2022-10-20 - filed complaint #1 after being ignored for a month
    2022-11-09 - ICANN acks complaint #1 after 3 weeks
    2023-02-06 - filed complaint #2 after a few months
    2023-03-01 - ICANN closes complaint #2 as a duplicate after 3 weeks
    2023-03-09 - sent follow-up to ICANN to complaint #1

    The system is still broken.

    When you submit a complaint, you get back an email that a ticket has been 
    created with some ticket number, but that email does not mention the TLD the 
    complaint pertains to. So unless you manually record the connection, you 
    won't know which ticket is for what TLD until you get the proper 
    acknowledgement with a copy of the complaint several weeks later (I believe 
    this is when ICANN forwards the complaint to the registry - why only after a 
    couple of weeks?).

    Also ICANN, when you close a complaint as a duplicate because of an existing 
    pending ticket for that TLD and account, can you list the ticket ID of that 
    existing ticket in the email message?

    Joe Wein

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