[technology taskforce] ConnectSolutions Contract (w/ SLA)

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Hi Judith,


I’ve reached out to the Meetings Technical Services team to assist with this request.  Please allow a few days for response.




Mark Segall

Director, Community Collaboration Services
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HI Mark,

Thanks.  Can you report on the success actions related to what was posted.  Have tickets been opened and what was the resolution


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On 6/5/2017 12:07 PM, Mark Segall wrote:



Per today’s call, please see the attached extract of our contract with Connect Solutions (our vendor for Adobe Connect).  It includes the sections for SLA and Termination.




Mark Segall

Director, Community Collaboration Services
ICANN[icann.org] | (o) 310.578.8680 | (m) 310.699.4574


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