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As I've been looking for a FAQ to this list and not finding one, 
but lots of spam in the archives, I figure I'll just go ahead and
write this.

I have some changes to tzselect that adds an -s option to allow the
operator to set the systems time zone muche like the timeconfig 
command does, but it sets a few more generic files I've seen documented
on various web pages. It can also be driven from shell scripts, if
you care to do it that way. I've also attempted to make it smart 
enough to work on any "zoneinfo" system without the changes some
releases now require.

Some feed back on this would really be appreciated. In particular
testing on systems I do not (currently) have access to. 

	   [x] Red Hat
	   [ ] Other non-Red Hat (especially those without
	Open UNIX,

As I am no sure poting an attachment is a good idea for this mailing 
list, I've made the changes available as a series of diff files at
http://www.exit109.com/~ghealton/y2k/tzselect-diffs.tar.gz based on
the source I downloaded earlier today. The patch program can be used
to apply them to your local source.

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