IERS Message No. 20: Revised Form for IERS Analysis Campaign

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Wed Jan 9 12:18:04 UTC 2002

IERS Message No. 20                                         January 9, 2002

          IERS Analysis Campaign to align EOPs to ITRF2000 / ICRF

                    Revised Call for Participation Form

The Call for Participation in the IERS Analysis Campaign to align EOPs
to ITRF2000 / ICRF, distributed as IERS Message No. 19 on December 20,
2001, contained a link to a PDF document which may be used to submit
proposals. Unfortunately, this PDF form created at Technical University
Munich seems not to work with Acrobat Reader on most computers, but only
with Acrobat full version. In case that you already tried to use this
form, your proposal was not received at the IERS Central Bureau. We
apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The Call for Participation Form is now also available in other formats.
Please re-send your proposal using one of these:

   Plain text version for sending by e-mail:
   This version is also given at the end of this IERS Message.

   PostScript version, for printing on PostScript printers and sending by
   mail or fax:

   HTML version for importing into text processors like MS Word (or
   printing with Internet browsers) and sending by mail or fax:

   PDF version for online submission (to be used with Acrobat full
   version only):

Please submit your proposal by January 18, 2002.


      IERS Analysis Campaign to align EOPs to ITRF2000 / ICRF
                   Call for Participation Form

IERS Central Bureau
Bundesamt fuer Kartographie und Geodaesie
Richard-Strauss-Allee 11
60598 Frankfurt am Main
fax: ++49-69-6333-425
email: central_bureau at

Who is participating?

  Name (primary scientist):

  Organization or institute:

  Mailing address:

  Cooperating organizations / institutes:

  Research associates:

Generation of the EOP series (step 1):

  Will you generate EOP series?   yes/no

  What type of EOP series will you produce?
  Technique (VLBI, GPS, SLR, ...):

  Length of series (start and end date):

  Reference frame used:

  Constraints used:

  Reference sites used:

  Description of solution:

  Combination approach used:

  Comments on your series:


Analysis of the EOP series (step 2):

  Are you also interested in analysing EOP series?   yes/no

  Proposed analysis (short description):



  Deadline for proposals: January, 18, 2002

  Preferred deadline for series submission?

For a more detailed description of your project you can attach your own
proposal as file.

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