Version control? Changelog? Good list of regions/paths aligning with US DST changes?

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at
Thu Jan 4 19:52:33 UTC 2007

I know this is a tall order.  Not looking for anyone to fill it
either.  I can do my own research, so pointers are always
recommended.  If I've overlooked this info on the TZ page, my
apologies, just [re]point me to it.

- Is there a version control repository for zoneinfo?
- Or a changelog of any corrections/additions?

More to the point, I'm looking for a good list of any
regions/zoneinfo paths that are aligning their changes with the US
DST changes.  I noted several were announced in 2006.

I hope I'm not the only schmuck out there trying to track this.  I'm
hoping someone else has such a list, a blog, etc...  If not, I might
blog myself, even if it's just a tiny subset and focuses only on the
US changes (and ripples from it) going into effect for 2007.

Even longer story short, I'm tracking a number of embedded solutions
and their tzdata (or lackthereof) updates.  Just looking for a good
authority on any and all tzdata changes since the 2005 legislation
for the 2007 change.

E.g., Red Hat has several errata for its tzdata package:  
- RHEA-2005:655-7:  USA, Australia, Haiti, Nicaragua ...
- RHEA-2006:0213-7:  join US DST change, Canada, Indiana/USA ...
- RHEA-2006:0277-7:  Sri Lanka
- RHEA-2006:0745-3:  Western Australia DST 

But embedded developers like Montavista** only released 1 change
(possibly not addressing Canada, etc...):  
- Fix 15446 (2005Nov):  NA timezone file to include the latest DST

Ultimately I'm trying to come up with a test plan to verify updates
for all major financial/trading regions where our equipment runs.  I
think I can safely ignore the Indiana changes, etc..., and stick with
major regions.

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