Bennett Todd bet at
Thu May 31 18:31:00 UTC 2007

2007-05-30T22:10:28 yoshito_umaoka:
> These are zone IDs, so I'd rather want to keep them unchanged.
> I think there are some applications which store the zone IDs in
> persistent data. In these applications, any changes in zond IDs
> will require mapping table for backward compatibility support.

Leaving aside the question of unicode, as I understand things
(I'm a lurker, not a policy-maker) zone IDs are not expected to
remain "stable" in the sense of the primary name not changing; when
another city in the covered region grows to have substantially more
population than the current primary, we shift that primary, and
we'll rename the primary if a city's name in common english usage
changes. But we build legacy compatibility links for every zone,
any time there's a change; once a zone ID becomes valid it should
remain valid forever more, and aside from bugfixes and addition of
historical rules over time, the ID will continue to refer to the
same timezone forever.


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