[tz] Proposal: validation text file with releases

Jon Skeet skeet at pobox.com
Sat Jul 25 16:34:02 UTC 2015

On 25 July 2015 at 17:19, Howard Hinnant <howard.hinnant at gmail.com> wrote:

> I should’ve added:   Aside from this minor formatting issue, I get
> identical results for tzdata2015e-tzvalidate using
> http://howardhinnant.github.io/tz.html.

That's really good to hear. I'd thoroughly encourage you to run your code
against older releases again for a more thorough test. I found some
interesting corner cases.
(There may well be some aspects of old data that you don't want to support
of course, but that's a different matter. Noda Time 2.0 is currently in
sync with zic from 1996 data releases onwards.)

I may add another flag to allow the user to omit the name from each line -
I suspect that without the names, the output for Java 8, Joda Time and
ICU4J would be *close* to zic. (It may make more sense to just chop each
line at the right position, of course - that's an advantage of your

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