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Tim Parenti tim at timtimeonline.com
Thu Feb 1 00:41:51 UTC 2018


I'm working on a proposed patch focusing on the data in the table provided
since 1939-10-01, but it is taking a bit of time to ensure I'm getting it
right.  Combined with more information on the pre-1939 laws above, this
will be very useful.

Tim Parenti

On 31 January 2018 at 19:23, Paul Eggert <eggert at cs.ucla.edu> wrote:

> On 01/30/2018 10:32 PM, Jeremie Bonjour wrote:
>> I submitted this information because it is not correct on the iana. org
>> website.
> Thank you for the informationi. I installed the attached patch to document
> the SOHMA almanac. Could you please help me interpret Table 6.3 (page 36)
> so that we can correct the tz data? The first few entries of Table 6.3 look
> like this:
> > DESDE: 27-Jun-1908 HASTA: 30-Apr-1920 LEY O DECRETO: Dto. Reglamentario
> de Ley No 3290 12-Jun-1908.
> Is this law available online somewhere? We will probably need to refer to
> it to get details about exactly when the transitions occurred.
> > DESDE: 1-May-1920 HASTA: 30-Sep-1923 HUSO HORARIO: +4h.* LEY O DECRETO:
> Ley No 7200 26-Apr-1920
> Similarly, is this law available online? We will need to refer to it, to
> find the dates and times of the daylight-saving transitions.
> > DESDE: 1-Aug-1923 HASTA: 31-Mar-1926 HUSO HORARIO +3h. VERANO +3h.30m
> INVIERNO LEY O DECRETO: Ley No 7594 28-Jun-1923
> The second line says "HASTA: 30-Sep-1923" and the third line says "DESDE:
> 1-Aug-1923"; how can both laws be in effect during August and September
> 1923?
> Many of the later entries are like "Dto.No 24233 del MDN 21-May-1959";
> where can we find these online?
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