[UA-discuss] Tim Cook's comments today regarding Google Pay

Ron Baione ron.baione at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 12 20:39:15 UTC 2015

NASA has stated many times that a solar storm could temporarily knock out out the power grid, and without physical money at that hypothetical juncture, people will have to barter.  Other possibilities exist now and in the future which make it realistic to expect the safe guard of physical money to stick around at least a few more generations incase of a failed grid event, unless Tim Cook knows thhe future and he knows there will never be a Solar Storm ever again, it just boggles the mind how someone so connected to thoughtful people, especially in the cyber-security industry, could completely discount and disregard Solar activity, where taking money out of circulation would cause a 100% reliance on technology for payments.  It would take a while, too long, to reprint and recirculate physical money if that became necessary.

In regards to this topic being relevant to Universal Acceptance's charter, it is because Tim Cook is an influential person in the tech industry and added confusion about the future of the internet, stating there will be a mandatory degree of restricted learning and restricted knowledge conveyance to the next generation via a process only he seems to know about.  The language and code additions UA is making in regards to language and other internet necessities should not be deterred, affected by or confused in that described dystopian future by such an unclarified, alternate vision of the future internet.  

How can any ICANN working group perform its function to the best of ts abilities, building a better and inclusive internet, when arguably the top Tech CEO in the world alludes to being privy to a future reality ICANN isn't privy to?  And if Apple asserts that the next generation will not know what money is, and ICANN and Apple are in the same exact industry, then ICANN has a responsibility in my opinion to at least ask someone at Apple how such an implausible reality will be made possible.  

Non-germane topics would more likely include gardening, sports and/or fashion advice.  One possibility I thought of as to why such a vague statement was put out there by Tim, is that since everything about the tech industry's daily grind must be exact and precise, once it is time to speak people subconciously go to the opposite mindset extreme, talking vaguely in an effort to even out their robotic and exhaustive efforts with what feels like an excercise in philosophy.  As a solution to the recurrence of such subconsious rebalancing of the precision-based mindset with philosophical vague assertions, language graduates should be hired by the tech industry to advise industry leaders on how to limit overall global confusion via their spoken words, symbols and slogans, to speed up progress. 

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