[UA-discuss] email address in .family TLD rejected [was: Reddit thread]

Jiankang Yao yaojk at cnnic.cn
Thu Jul 29 07:00:18 UTC 2021

 This approves that why there has UASG. UASG can try to mitigate it.
 BTW, UASG might need do more outreach work.

Jiankang Yao
From: Jim DeLaHunt via UA-discuss
Date: 2021-07-29 13:01
To: ua-discuss
Subject: Re: [UA-discuss] email address in .family TLD rejected [was: Reddit thread]
Michele Neylon:
Thank you for bringing this to the list's attention.
On 2021-07-28 09:00, Michele Neylon - Blacknight via UA-discuss wrote:

Summary for those who don't want to follow the link: 
Many companies computer systems do not yet accept a .family email address
So far I have been forced to keep in my old email on file with several larger banks, utility companies and some web services. I am only on day 1 and I have seen about a 25% rejection rate. Not good.
I can only hope over time this will be corrected.
The part of this story which surprises me is that a Latin-limited top-level domain which is outside the traditional 2-3 character set is rejected so often. I thought most sites had moved beyond rejecting unfamiliar top-level domains. 
I do have personal experience, and see data which confirms, that many sites still reject email addresses based on character set. I have an email addresses with '+' signs in them, e.g. <list+uasg at jdlh.com>. Those get rejected way too often. It is maybe 17%, not 25%. 
If I get the chance, I try to give the organisation feedback that they should not reject email addresses with '+' signs... and if they have a hard time with '+' signs, they are going to be really surprised when email addresses in Hindi and Chinese arrive at their door!
Best regards,
    —Jim DeLaHunt

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