[UA-discuss] Important UA milestone for Apple platforms (iOS, MacOSX, TvOS, WatchOS)

Mark Datysgeld mark at governanceprimer.com
Thu Jul 7 16:29:47 UTC 2022

Thanks for the clarification, Marc. Let's stay vigilant for other 
opportunities, then.

On 07/07/2022 13:24, Marc Blanchet wrote:
>> Le 7 juill. 2022 à 12:11, Mark Datysgeld <mark at governanceprimer.com> 
>> a écrit :
>> Getting back to this very late, but perhaps we should do more of a 
>> song and dance about this achievement? We should take advantage of 
>> ICANN and Göran's new Ambassador role to show that we believe this is 
>> a strong way for communities and companies to move forward. Maybe an 
>> ICANN blog can be written on successful implementations of UA in huge 
>> code bases?
> I would not, or I would be very careful. This is not an Apple driven 
> work, so we should be careful to infer too much into it. Moreover, the 
> work has not been fully integrated yet into a standard Swift release.
> Marc.
>> Best,
>> On 13/06/2022 20:11, Marc Blanchet via UA-discuss wrote:
>>> We have found while testing the Apple SDK and environments that 
>>> support was “pretty limited”… It has now been implemented directly 
>>> in Swift in the WebURL underlying framework, so as soon as it is 
>>> integrated in the next releases of those platforms, all applications 
>>> will get it “free”.  A bit late, but since it has been done in the 
>>> core, then it encompasses “everything”.
>>> Regards, Marc.
>>> =========
>>> https://forums.swift.org/t/weburl-now-supports-unicode-domain-names-idna/57949 
>>> "I'm happy to announce that I just merged support for Unicode domain 
>>> names (IDNA) in WebURL.
>>> It's available right now 16 <https://github.com/karwa/swift-url>, on 
>>> the |main| branch, and it's a big milestone for a lot of reasons.
>>> Note: IDNA support is on |main|. There will be a release in the 
>>> ~next few weeks which includes it, but for now you should use a 
>>> branch-based dependency for IDNA.
>>> With this post, I'd like to discuss what IDNA is, why you should 
>>> support it, how WebURL supports it, and why I think that's such a 
>>> big deal.
>>> …”
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