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Thank-you Sharon. That is fine. See you @ 18h00. Jonathan


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Dear all,

Holly and I can be available if we can present during the second hour. We have conflicts from 17:00-18:00 UTC.

Please let us know if that works.


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Subject: RE: Agenda for Meeting on 19 November at 17:00 UTC 

Thank you for the invitation.  We will coordinate and let you know later today who will participate from Sidley.  

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Dear Sidley, 


The CWG-Stewardship is holding a meeting on Thursday at 17:00 UTC (9AM Pacific // 12PM Eastern) and would like for you to join and present an overview of the draft Bylaws document. Are you available? If so, please confirm who will attend the meeting. 


I have copied the agenda for the meeting below to assist with preparation. The Bylaws discussion will take place in item #3. 





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Subject: Agenda for Meeting on 19 November at 17:00 UTC


Dear all, 


Here below is our agenda for the CWG-Stewardship Meeting on 19 November at 17:00 UTC. In preparation for the meeting, please take some time to review the draft Bylaws prepared by Sidley. We will invite Sidley to the meeting to present the document. 




1. Opening Remarks

*        Letter to Chartering Organizations (see http://mm.icann.org/pipermail/cwg-stewardship/2015-November/004487.html) 

2. Implementation 

*        DT-IPR (IANA IPR)

*        Update from ICANN Staff

*        DT-O (Budget)

*        DT-A (SLEs)

3. Bylaws

*        Introduction and overview of Sidley’s draft (see attached)

*        Responding to questions for the CWG 

*        Feed into CCWG once complete


*        Update from Chairs' Coordination Call

*        Process for sign-off on dependencies

*        Separation process

5. AOB

6. Closing Remarks






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